Group Building no.17

Tawin shop

depicted item: Tawin shop

source: Parinya Chukaew

date: 2014

1. Identity of building/ group of buildings/ urban scheme/ landscape/ garden

1.1 current name of building: Tawin shop

1.2 variant or former name: Tawin shop

1.3 number & name of street: 35-39 Chang Moi Rd., Sri Poom

1.4 town: Mueang

1.5 province/state: Chiang Mai

1.6 zip code: 50300

1.7 country: Thailand

1.8 national grid reference:

1.9 classification/ typology: RES and COM

1.10 protection status & date: owned by Tiannimitr family and received the Architectural Conservation Awards 2008 from the Association of Siamese Architects Under Royal Patronage

2. History of building

2.1 original brief/ purpose: RES

2.2 date completion: 1949

2.3 architectural and other designers: Mrs. Tawin- Mr. Siemjui Sae Tai and their Yuan contractor

2.4 others associated with building: -

2.5 significant alterations with dates: Replanning ground floor into shop to sell pottery, medicines and groceries in 1972 then changing to tailor shop from 1977 until now

2.6 current uses: house and tailor shop

2.7 current condition: good

3. Description

3.1 general description: Mrs. Tawin- Mr. Siemjui Sae Tai asked the Yuan contractor to build an unique architectural shophouse which distinguished from others on Chang Moi Rd.

3.2 construction: reinforced concrete structure and low relief concrete moulding

3.3 context: The shop is on the commercial area of Chiang Mai.

4. Evaluation

4.1 technical: Tawin shop is two storeys of three detached concrete shophouses. It was built in the early state of the use of concrete in Chiang Mai. The main structure, namely, floor, beams, columns and slab roof, is made from reinforced concrete. In addition, the opening on the 2nd floor ventilates the air between upper and lower floors.

4.2 social: Tawin shop has stood uniquely among other shophouses in the same area.

4.3 cultural & aesthetic: On the top part of the building is decorated by low relief concrete moulding and concrete balustrade. Thin concrete fins above windows present the design consideration of tropical climate.

4.4 historical: Concrete was regards as the new material at a time and was transported to this province by railways.

4.5 general assessment: Tawin shop is good example of Modern movement at local level which has stood distinctively than other buildings in the same context.

5. Documentation

5.1 principal references: Parinya Chukaew

5.2 visual material attached: Parinya Chukaew

5.3 rapporteur/ date: June 2014

6. Fiche report examination by ISC/R

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date of examination:


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